Lash Extension Services

CLASSIC LASHES                                                                                   

Recommended for clients who are leaning towards the more natural look while adding length and texture. This set will give you the option to go fuller on your fills and upgrade to mixed or volume. Classic sets are applied one lash per yours so if your natural lashes are sparse and thin this may not be the set for you.   3-4 weeks before recommended fills.

Classic Lash full Set $149
Classic Lash Fill $85                                                                                
Lash Lovers Membership $70 -One fill per month*
Lash Lovers X2 Membership $110 -Two fills per month*


If you’re looking for a more dramatic look we highly recommend our Volume Lashes. Volume Sets utilize ultra fine individual lashes which allows multiple eyelash extensions to be applied to each natural eyelash to create depth, volume and texture. Depending on your fullness appetite, 2-6 thinner lashes are applied to each natural lash with a handmade fan. When cared for properly, fills are not likely to be needed until 3 weeks.

Volume Lashes Full Set $220
Volume Lash Fills $100 
Lash Lovers Volume Membership $85-One fill per month*
Lash Lovers Volume X2 Membership $130-Two fills per month*

MEGA VOLUME LASHES                              


Maximum fullness and fluff overload! The difference is the thinner diameter lash of .03 which enables us to apply between 2-10 handmade fans creating a bombshell look of length and fullness.  3-4 weeks before recommended fills.

Mega Volume Lashes Full Set $250
Mega Volume Fills $120
Lash Lovers Mega Volume Membership $100-One fill per month*
Lash Lovers Mega Volume X2 Membership $150-Two fills per month*


*Please see our Membership Page for full description of these services; last service must be no more than 30 days to be considered a "fill"