To The Future...

Dear Friends of PRIM,

Is it possible half of an entire year has passed since we saw each other? We’ve missed you! If you’re like us, 2020 has been the tidal wave none of us saw coming.  Our hope is that you are well, safe and overcoming the diverse challenges each of us have been faced with, emerging with increased faith and a deeper appreciation of your own fortitude. I know for Elena and I, we have dialed in to the BLESSINGS of this life. Having time to reflect and even renew…

As you know all too well, we have been closed since March. We were allowed to re-open for a teensy "lash flutter” of time, but before we knew it we were closed down again, and remain so to this day. During that brief time of opening we reached out to many of you and heard about your own adventures navigating this unchartered territory. And many of you have reached out to us along the way with concern and support and we are very thankful for your kind encouragement. 

Fast forward to today...let’s get to it…the future. You all know how much we love you! And how dedicated we have been for the past six years to proudly serve you in many facets of beauty. We have loved every minute of it! You have been part of a unforgettable path in life we will always cherish. For this gift we thank you. Yet, times they are a changin’ and sadly, our little lash business could not sustain the burden of so many months closed and no end in sight. We’re sure this comes as no surprise as we have all witnessed many of our favorite businesses, large and small, fall to the devastation wrought from these inconceivable closures.

Since March, we have been on the lookout for the silver lining in these dark clouds, and that brings us to the news we want to share with you today. Recently, doors began to open that are allowing us to move in an exciting new direction, while at the same time making sure our lash clients are well cared for…Ready?…Drum roll please! …We are transitioning our little boutique into a fun new enterprise we have named “Vinchíc Wine Bar & Boutique”! Fun, right? Who doesn’t love to shop while enjoying a bit of bubbly?  Having a passion for wine, this is something we’ve actually hoped to bring to PRIM since we moved into our current location a year and a half ago. And now (crazy enough) the time is right. We have beautiful plans and construction underway with the expectation of opening our fabulous new wine bar in the fall of 2020. We hope you come, relax and enjoy exquisite wines & craft beer, charcuterie boards to die for as well as other scrumptious lite bites…And don’t forget shopping! "Sip 'n Shop" is the name of the game Sweetie! Our boutique will offer gorgeous fashion and lingerie just as before. The joy for us is that we will still have the pleasure of serving our favorite "Lash & Beauty Ladies" in a whole new way! 

But wait! There’s more! Lol! Here’s the BEST news for all our Lash Lovers out there! Though we will no longer be directly doing lash and beauty services as PRIM, these services will continue to be offered at our location by a wonderful company called Temecula Lash Club. The owner, Ariel Thomas, worked at PRIM for a short time last year and is a talented and professional lash artist. On top of that…SHE is a GEM. You’re going to love her. During the two weeks we did open briefly, a number of our clients received her lash services and we have had rave reviews! She and her husband, Eric, will be transitioning our clients as seamlessly as possible, keeping pricing and memberships virtually unchanged. When the time comes for you to resume lash services we hope you will visit Temecula Lash Club!

We hope this news is as exciting to you as it is to us. Wonderful opportunities come even in the midst of the most challenging of circumstances and we are thankful that with our beautiful location and an amazing Landlord, we are able to transition into a dream we have had for a very long time. We invite you to join us when we open and will certainly be in touch with news of our grand opening and look forward to the joy that will come when we can gather once more!

Until we meet again, God bless you and yours…Cheers!

Jani & Elena

Please feel free to reach us via email at